Štala (Stable) at Mrcina ranch

Summer nights are the time for “Štala” (Stable) at Mrcina Ranch. The relaxed and authentic venue hosts top Slovenian mountaineers, travellers, musicians and theatre shows. Traditionally, we invite Arne Hodalič and Katja Bidovec, Renata Jozič and Matjaž Maček, and for the past 10 years, our “House Band” has played for us: Janez Dovč, Boštjan Gombač, Goran Krmac, Rudi Bučar, Metod Banko with guests.
This unique event is the perfect time to have fun. Experience quality, excellence, diversity, simplicity in the amusing evenings at Mrcina Ranch.

Robi Božnar, Ranč MrcinaKlemen Langus, Gledališče 2B